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Because I Have No Plans to Leave LJ as Yet... [05 Aug 2007|07:43pm]
Everyone seems to be posting information for their back up journals. I have made back up journals previously. I created a back up GJ during the great LJ blackout of 2003, which can be found here:


I also created an IJ during the strikethrough of 2007, which can be found here:


That being said recent events have yet to give me cause to actually leave LJ so for the time being I’m staying put.

They have however given me cause to get off my arse and code my Spn fic to Come Undone. I haven’t any fic related to underage characters unless you count the first chapter of Four Years and a Photograph of You, which makes reference to a fifteen year old Sam struggling with his emotions and experiencing confusion toward his feelings for Dean.

I’m taking precautions due to the soon to be released ‘report abuse’ ‘illegal content’ ‘illegal activity’ button and LJ’s previous warning regarding not tolerating content relating to incest on their servers.

So I’m in the process of moving my Sam/Dean fiction and hosting it over at my website, where if I hadn’t have been such an avoidant when it comes to coding it would have been anyway :)

From now on all my SPN character-based fiction can he found, and will be hosted Here, where I can link to it from LJ.

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Sometimes Size Does Matter [05 Aug 2007|01:01pm]
I finally finished an angsty episodic vid to 'AHBL' part one and even making a little sacrifice for quality the Hi Res version still rendered at 96MB.


I guess that'll teach me to choose a song which is 4.30 mins in length :/

I could maybe, possibly, if I try not to think too much about it make further quality sacrifices...

*tries not to think too much about that*

But... but... it contains cute scenes of Sammy smiling and being all adorable and smiling with Dean and all kinds of precious memories from happier times and...

No. It's no good. I can't do it.

*clutches vid to chest*

Oh, well... maybe it's for the best seeing as how it all ends badly anyway :(

ETA: Uh, I compromised. Now I have a Xvid version at 96MB and a Divx version at 48MB which I'm not entirely happy with so I think I'll tinker with it a little more :/
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Minimum Daily Jensen Requirement [03 Aug 2007|12:46am]

Several Hi Res Pictures of Jensen from ComicCon…

Hi Jensen. Hi… )

Smiley Jensen, a ray of sunshine in an otherwise… OMg! Hiatus is really beginning to suck donkey bollocks!
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Shadow Puppets Screencaps [30 Jul 2007|04:55pm]
I am avoiding all things Comic Con for fear of being spoiled. Why yes, I am that paranoid about spoilers.

But it’s not all bad because my Shadow Puppets DVD finally arrived so I’ve playing around with that instead and the results are lots of screencaps because manpires are pretty.

Behind the cut are lots of screencaps of James Marsters Jamses Marsden but be warned they’re huge and definitely not dial up friendly

Capsies… )

And a zip file of the screencaps containing 1 235 caps:

right click and save as

Shadow Puppets Screencaps
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In Case You're New Around Here, I Can Sometimes be Dramatic [26 Jul 2007|04:16pm]
I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve whined about not finishing fic and mostly it’s because I’ve noticed lately just how little I talk around LJ. I don’t mean ramble or squeeee! because yeah…

But you know, share words that say something other than nothing. I know I’m not the easiest person to connect with; I tend to be more than a little, okay a lot of a loner and when I do connect I tend to panic, back off and retreat to my own little corner where I’m content to play alone.

I guess I’ve always been more comfortable living inside my own head.

Anyway it’s come to my attention that this journal is rapidly becoming nothing more than a media journal and that wasn’t my original intention. I’ve spent the past couple of days cleaning up my server and having a tidy around and out of the many Gigabytes of files on there over thirty that’s 30 Gigabytes is related to SPN/Jensen/Jared media files and I may be in the process of uploading more.


My fiction is more personal, more of me because they’re my thoughts, there’s more of the real me woven into each sentence, fleeting thought or warring emotions that become untold stories waiting for their moment to escape and evolve…

And I miss that, I miss sharing that because often it’s the only time I really share the real me but I’m reverting back to the same old, ongoing tug of war I’ve always had with this journal. The struggle between stepping over the warning signs that flash:

‘You are now leaving the security of Comfort Zone, population: One’

And stepping over it anyway, comfort and security be damned.

Because when I pay attention to the warning signs and stay safely behind the comfort zone this journal becomes fucking passionless. And to be content with that…

Passion is what it’s all about, being passionate about something and words have always been my first love. Its one thing to write what you know but it’s another to spill your heart and soul onto a page and watch it bleed into words.

And I miss that…

So, I’m NOT going to stop posting media, especially SPN related media because I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t passionate about SPN related anything. In fact I may be posting a certain Padalecki related media later when I get around to uploading all the pretty screencaps to go along with it.

But… BUT…

I’m going to try and stop neglecting the plot bunnies to the point of starving them of love because it’s not as if I don’t have any. In fact I have so many plot bunnies taking up space in my brain I’m surprised they’re not initiating turf wars with the ever patient WIPs.

And maybe if I give in to one of them now and again the spark may once again become a flame. Because after all, stories told from behind the security of a comfort zone are not the stories you may one day want to tell your grandchildren fandom :)
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Minimum Daily Jensen Requirement [23 Jul 2007|09:22pm]
Dude, some high quality pics from the Japan scans…

This way for the pretty, shiny things… )

ETA: Also, I've been sitting on this for several days and now I can squeeee because OMFg! Thank you [info]nyaubaby for this...

Okay, stick a fork in me. I’m done.
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Shoulders and Hands and Thighs... Oh, My! [23 Jul 2007|02:35pm]
So I didn’t finish the fic I’ve been trying to find the peace and quiet to finish for like… EVER!

*flighty sigh*

But I did rip Dark Angel Season One and Two. So now I have pretty, shiny episodes on my hard drive to watch at my leisure without having to fiddle about constantly changing discs.

That’s somewhat productive, right?

And I don’t know what it is about this picture. Okay, I do know. It’s the shoulders and thighs and the jaw and the hands. Okay everything.

But mostly the THIGHS!

Don't you just wanna step between them and massage your fingers into firm muscle hidden beneath soft denim? )

I love cute smiles and dorky, shiny people who have the ability no be never-endingly adorable but when it comes to the HOT.

Dude. Shoulder and thighs…

So it could be due to lack of sleep but mostly it's the THIGHS!
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Holy Shit [19 Jul 2007|02:53pm]
Happy Birthday Sasquatch. I am trying to write you porn so I can at least offer you a naked Jensen. In the meantime, here have a Priestly.

Because Holy. Fucking. Shit. Tattoo!

*sends Jared inked Priestly and a bottle of Tequila for his birthday*

Jared can always lick the salt from Jensen's Priestley's tattoo, right?

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Minimum Daily Jensen Requirement: In PINK! [07 Jul 2007|01:33pm]

*reaches over into Loughborough and squishes it tight*

Jensen Ackles and Desperate Housewives Josh Henderson team up in the latest photo spread for Movieline’s Hollywood Life magazine.

And there’s more and he’s wearing pink and looking gorgeous in it too!

ETA: Dude, another pic...

Grabs his tie and… )

Okay, Lizzy, I’m good…

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Picspam of the Paddywhack Kind [04 Jul 2007|08:21pm]
Warning. Definitely NOT Dial-Up Friendly

You know what I think we should have?

Yes, I know, we should all have our very own naked Winchester but that’s not it :)

We should have a Padalecki Picspam *nods*

What do you think:

Was Baby-Faced Jared as cute as Baby-Faced Jensen? )

Growing up to be Quite the Cutie )

But the question is…

Did he Grow into the same Hotness as Jensen? )

And Just in Case You Thought he Couldn’t Get Any Hotter… )

I think the evidence speaks for itself, don’t you?

But wait…

Did he Find Himself his Very Own Jensen?  )

Okay, I’m done.

I've had to change the links to a couple of picspams due to hotlinking, so please remember to upload to your own server :)
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Supernatural Vid Post [02 Jul 2007|07:57pm]

Title: In Any Other World (Divx)

Fandom: Supernatural

Characters: Dean Winchester

Content: Episodic to ‘What is and What Should Never Be’

Summary ‘Course I know what you’d say, well not the you that played softball but--you’d say go hunt the Djin. It put you here, it can put you back. Your happiness for all those people’s lives--no contest. Right?

Music: In Any Other World: Mika

Warning: Contains spoilers for ‘WiaWSNB’

Notes: There’s a lyric in the song which repeats ‘because its all in the hands of a bitter, bitter man’ and I think it fair to give warning that I used it to reference John Winchester and not the Djin. In fact other than using clips that contain literature on the Djin, the Djin itself doesn’t appear in the vid. Yes, it was deliberate but not a deliberate attempt to show disrespect to John. The vid is more Dean’s reasons for not holding on to the reality/acid trip the Djin created, for letting go rather than staying. I still believe the reason for that was Sammy, the real Sam but while I believe it was for Sam, it was because of John. Of what John taught Dean and the consequences of that, of how Dean sees himself and his place in the world.

Download Available Here: In Any Other World
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Minimun Daily Jensen Requirement [24 Jun 2007|09:40pm]
Things have been decidedly blah around here lately and there has been a definite lack of shiny things.

There hasn’t even been any ‘Minimum Daily Jensen Requirement’ and that’s just wrong on very many levels of wrongness.

So I thought I’d overdose on the cuteness of baby-faced Jensen, much baby-faced and not-so-baby-faced Jensen.

Not dial-up friendly due to serious withdrawals of the shiny people

Awww, total cuteness and much ruffling of the hair… )

And he grew up to be even cuter… )

With a Side Order of Hotness… )
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Fictional Silliness and Where I Draw the Line :/ [22 Jun 2007|01:52pm]

You know I’ve posted several of these pics before and I’ve never noticed just how swollen Jared’s knuckles are. Eh, I guess I’m always too blinded by the cuteness but… now I kinda wonder what the other guy looked like:

And here I adhere to the disclaimer that none of this actually happened… )

And speaking of J2 Jared and Jensen and disclaimers…

I’ve been replying to feedback for various things, and there is are a couple of comments which I’ve been meaning to answer for a long time and haven’t because I’ve been trying to think of something to say. It’s a comment that has left me stumped for some time as to how to respond.

Because we all know that RPS isn’t real, right?

Truthfully, I’m not so much stumped as uncomfortable responding to a comment when the person leaving the comment obviously thinks it is. Or rather believes/wants to believe that a relationship outside of fiction is real and does exist. Its one thing to be sucked into a piece of fiction, there are definitely works of RPS out there that are so real as to be convincing, so emotionally compelling that we temporarily lose our awareness of its fictional status. But seriously, we are still aware that that’s all it is. A piece of fiction that is so well written it evokes the idea that the relationship and events surrounding it may actually exist. But that belief only exists within the realm of the story and for the duration of the story.

But sometimes that’s not always the case because a lot of what we see in fiction, I think, also relies on reader interpretation.

And yeah, it’s fun to joke about amongst each other within comments, to stretch the boundaries. I know I do and have done that, often and it doesn’t make me uncomfortable because on the whole I think it’s easy to determine that that’s exactly what most people are doing. Stretching the boundaries and playing within a fictional realm, knowing it to be fictional and with a clear understanding of where the line between truth and fiction is drawn.

I think it’s also just as easy to determine when someone doesn’t have a clear understanding of where the line is drawn, or chooses not to because it doesn’t quite fit the reality they’ve created. I know that sounds harsh but I’m sure I’m not the only person who has backed away from a comment or a thread because they’ve felt a little uncomfortable with the content or comments appearing to impart the existence of a relationship between--okay, I’ll bite the bullet…

Appearing to impart a belief in the existence of a relationship between Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, represented beyond its fictional representation. )

So yeah, whatever. My FICTIONAL J2 are all about the naked sex love.

The real Jared and Jensen can shag whoever they please because quite frankly it isn’t any of my damn business :)
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Awwwww, Boys... [07 Jun 2007|01:35pm]
Awww, guess who showed up to watch last night’s performance of A Few Good Men

Yes, I know you all know but OMg!

Jared you adorable fanboy!

So, the way to encourage a standing ovation in a packed theatre is to follow the lead of the sasquatch huge best friend. Wait for him to jump to his feet, do a couple of whoops and then applaud like only a best friend can and every one else will follow suit.

Oh, Jared. You adorakble hunk or adorkableness.

And the skittles, and the 'papa Ackles' and trying to hide six foot four of Padalecki Prettiness under a baseball cap and referring to Jensen's girlfriend as his future sister-in-law...

*draws big sparkly hearts around the Padalecki*

You know what this calls for?


Dude, Padalecki Picspam… )

And Just Because… )

And just when you thought they couldn’t be any cuter…
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Dear Mr Ackles: Well Done You! [06 Jun 2007|03:33pm]
Yes, it’s all over my flist, and I’m still posting it because of the awesomeness of a certain Mr Ackles.

Interestingly, it's Mr. Ackles who really sets off the fireworks in this A Few Good Men. He's slick and funny, but human underneath. His stage technique is nigh onto perfect – and this is a guy who's been working steadily on large and small screens for a decade.

Apparently he handled the transition from screen to stage extremely well huh?

Doesn’t it make it all the more squeeeful that apparently he started out extremely nervous in his professional stage debut and then went on to knock ‘em dead.

Bless his cotton socks acting ability navy whites :)

I feel the need for a picspam… )

And because no picspam is complete without a little Scruff Muffin…

Scruff Muffin of Scruff Muffinness… )

*ruffles his hair*
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Five Things Dean Winchester Will Never Eat [04 Jun 2007|02:50pm]
Yesterday I was bitching complaining about being bored, and sick and well, just bored and [info]schneestern said, okay, let’s play a game…

And she prompted me with:

Five Things Dean Winchester Will Never Eat

And I may have cheated a little because, well it’s Dean and dude, Dean Winchester and food?


Five Things Dean Winchester Will Never Eat, Again.

Why Dean Will Never Eat Strawberry Syrup with his Pancakes )

Who the Fuck Eats Raw Beef Anyway? )

Why Lucky Charms Just aren’t as Lucky as Anymore… )

Why Chocolate Ice-Cream is bad idea, possibly, maybe… )

I Hope Your Freaking Apple Pie was Worth it… )

And you should check out the prompt I gave [info]schneestern too because they’re a pocket of Winchester warmth in an otherwise weary world :)

Five Ways Dean Makes Sam Laugh
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Huh? [03 Jun 2007|02:51pm]
[ mood | nauseated ]

So I kind of like the feel of this place, it seems more familiar than GJ and there's an element of LJ, besides the whole Six Apart/WFI OTP thing that leaves me feeling rather icky right now.


I'm not sure I'll ever use this thing but it may come in usual as an escape route now and again :)

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Awwwww, Fandom you is Shiny! [02 Jun 2007|12:18pm]
Dude, I am drawing big pink sparkly hearts around the Smallville fandom now that’s love for you, right there

*hearts you all*


*hands you each a big, red, shiny, organic apple*


Get your asses over here
and show your fandom some love otherwise…

I’m telling Dean that you said his Sammy has bad hair.

And I’m telling Sammy there’s no Easter Bunny.

A pissed off Dean is bad enough but do you really want to make Sammy cry?

And if that isn’t bad enough I could tell you how my sinuses are doing battle with pleurisy.

I could keep you entertained for hours with how much yukky stuff my body can produce.

So there you have it.

A pissed off Dean, a crying Sam and snot, lots and lots of snot.

And NO sparkly balloons!

Don’t say you haven’t been warned!
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Show Your Fandom Some Love [31 May 2007|10:16pm]
We may not always love Livejournal, it can be cranky, prone to server and run time errors. It withholds comments, runs off with people’s posts and occasionally it disappears.

And sometimes, sometimes it fucks up big time.

But one thing we all love about Livejournal, the one thing we all agree on is that it has the best, the most amazing fandom community around.

Fandom has took a battering over the past week, there have been a lot of accusations thrown its way, which caused a lot of hurt but it didn’t back down, it remained united and strong.

It held its head high and weathered the storm.

And in way of thanks I think we should have a love meme to show fandom just how much we heart it.

Regardless of which fandom you’re from, leave a message in the comments for someone in fandom.

Ever wanted to tell someone how much you love their fandom participation?

Their fiction

Ever wanted to say thank you to your community moderators?

What about all those who work hard on the community newsletters?

Those who host ficathons, who take the time to recommend the creative efforts of others, who rally round in time of need, and those who are always there no matter what.

Fandom participation knows no bounds

Show them some love, or show a fandom some love, any fandom. Just leave a comment and spread the love.

Come back and see if someone is loving all over someone you always wanted to squish and then squish them too and then tell your friends to come do some squishing of their own. Why yes, that means you should force encourage others to stop by and show some loving too.

Spread the word. It’s all about the love people; give it to your fandom. Come on, add some names to the comments or show love to the names appearing :)
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Clears Throat... [31 May 2007|05:24pm]
Dear Fandom,

I love you.

Big time!

Individually, collectively and whole heartedly.

*points to icon*

Ps, please don't ever change!

Jules xxx

And everybody seems to be outing their Great Journals, so yeah. I have one. I snagged myself one in the great LJ crash of 2003 and never did anything with it. It's very orange.

I'm stir_of_echoes over there too.

But mostly today I just want to squish fandom!

*squishes it*

So, have you squished your fandom today?

Or someone else's fandom. Or fandom in general?

Go ahead, give it some love :)
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Supernatural Vid for the Season Finale [30 May 2007|08:03pm]
I’ve began work on this several days after the finale aired, mostly for myself, it was something I wasn’t going to upload because…

Uhm, well you’ll see.

But as angst with a side order of sap and a dressing of geekiness goes, I do kinda love it.


I rendered the medium quality version as WMV for those who have problems with Divx and Xvid

Saying that, I’d go for the High Quality version. I know it’s a large file but the vid is a lot longer than I usually edit. I could babble on forever as to why I made it and what the motivation was but mostly I think I’ll just go and hide now :)

Title: My Every Sweet Imagined Possibility (Divx)

Fandom: Supernatural

Characters: Dean Winchester POV

Content: Memories, Self Esteem, deals with devils and the one thing (person) you just can't live without.

Music: Papa Can You Hear Me/A Piece of Sky: Barbara Streisand

Warning: Contains spoilers for ‘WiaWSNB’ and ‘AHBL’ Pt1 and 2

Download: My Every Sweet Imagined Possibility
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The Whole LJ Thing [30 May 2007|05:04pm]
So if I modify my user interests or even delete then do I have to modify or even unsubscribe from certain communities?

You know, just in case they trigger a buzzword on my user info.

If I do that do I then have to modify/delete user icons?

And then worry about appearing on other users pages that may contain buzzwords which could, however inadvertently leave a trail to other users?

Because you know what?

Fuck that!

If I have do all that then this isn't my journal anymore. It belongs to whoever thinks they can dictate my interests, online activities, choose my friends, where I play and with who I play and how.

No thanks.

I left home at twelve years old for a reason, well several reasons but I never did take well to authority. I'm responsible for me and I'll decide where, when and with whom I choose to spend my free time.

So I've locked down a couple of fics and I won't be adding any new friends unless I know who they are or recognise them from fandom. That's about the extent of how far I'm willing to bend. If my journal gets deleted then so be it, I'd rather take the chance of MY journal being deleted than turn it into something it's not or masquerade as someone I'm not.


And in other news. OMg! I finished a vid I've been working on for a week or so in between coughing and sneezing. It's over seven minutes long, and is a Dean/Supernatural Season Finale vid, set to...

Dude, Barbara Streisand *grins*

Yeah! I kinda made it for me and wasn't intending to share. It's sappy and all kinds of...

Well I never claimed to not be a geek, right?

*hearts on you all*

ETA: I do have a GJ, I've had it since 2003 but have never done anything with it. It's very orange :)

I'm stir_of_echoes over there too.
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Dude, Hiatus Does Strange Things to the Mind... [28 May 2007|01:20am]
I haven’t really been in the mood the write for several weeks and I learned a long time ago that forcing the issue is frustrating and generally produces pieces that I dislike.

Mostly I only write when the images aren’t so clear.

When they’re like silhouettes dancing in and out of my mind, the dance being somewhat of a tease. The rhythm seeming the equivalent of slow murmuring sentences and rushes of chattering phrases that caress the shadows, and occasionally sway forward, closer and closer to the light, reaching out… almost--but not--quite--yet…

Yeah, that does it for me.

What doesn’t do it for me is struggling through an ear, nose and throat infection, not being able to concentrate on anything because my sinuses feel like they’re going to explode through my eye sockets while simultaneously coughing up a lung…

When suddenly out of nowhere images of a certain ‘Texas Scruff Muffin’, dressed in way too many layers of clothes starts weaving their way through the shadows like Salome doing the dance of the seven fucking veils.

Yeah, I’m probably not making much sense; I blame the sinuses that are even now trying to climb their way out through my tear ducts.

But Seriously, Dude! How Many Layers of Clothes? )

He’s like a gorgeous, sinful version of pass the parcel.


Imagine that.

Watching, waiting for the music to fade to a stop as another layer is stripped away, followed by another, each layer revealing more…

Rough cotton giving way to smooth skin…

What? I have to distract my sinuses somehow you know.

Oh and this totally counts toward the ‘Minimum Daily Jensen Requirement’, right?

ETA: It seems one 'Texas Scruff Muffin isn't enough and someone mentioned a double show, so...

Have fun. Let me know if everything is bigger in Texas... )
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SPN Does Hiatus: Or What Sam and Dean did on Vacation [24 May 2007|10:48pm]
Dude, it’s Thursday and there’s no Supernatural because the boys have taken off on hiatus vacation. But thanks to hidden cameras we can reveal a few of the things the boys have been up to this week.

So, do you want to know what Dean and Sam have been doing on hiatus vacation?

Are you sure because I don’t think leaving them to their own devices was such a good idea.

Apparently Dean gave in to Sam’s puppy dog eyes, so no surprise there then.

Sam got to decide this week’s vacation spot and Dean became a pyromaniac.

And for the record, next week Dean is definitely choosing where they go next…

Not Dial Up Friendly

Week One of Sam and Dean’s Vacation… )

Dude, I don’t even want to know what Dean has planned for next week. I think there was some mention of playing dress up.

*eyebrows Dean*
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Vid Post: Dean Winchester [23 May 2007|05:10pm]
Dude, this totally counts toward the 'Minimum Daily Jensen Requirement', right?

Anyway, it seems forever since I opened an editing programme so don’t expect anything too deep or meaningful.

This is nothing more than a crack effort in beating 'Windows Vista' over the head with Xvid, (seeing as it can’t run Dvix) until it finally caved. But then it seems everything caves to Dean Winchester, eventually.

Unless ‘rock, paper, scissors’ are involved then Dean totally loses out on the girl.

So yeah, I beat ‘Vista’ over the head with Dean’s lips… tongue… basically the filthy gorgeousness that is Dean :)

Title: Filthy Gorgeous (Xvid)

Fandom: Supernatural

Characters: Dean Winchester

Content: The Dean Winchester effect… so filthy gorgeous even demons can’t resist him.

Music: The Scissor Sisters

Warning: Contains spoilers for all episodes up to and including ‘AHBL Pt2’

Download: Filthy Gorgeous

ETA: For those who can't watch Xvid there's a WMV here: Filthy Gorgeous
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Hiatus Begins Here [21 May 2007|04:16pm]
Because [info]sockkpuppett just happened to mention that one of the things we need, and which could help us get through hiatus is a ‘MDJR’

And because [info]sockkpuppett is smart, I agreed.

What do you mean what’s an ‘MDJR’?

‘Minimum Daily Jensen Requirement’


See how smart Lum is?

So today I thought we could have slouchy Jensen/Dean :)

Because he looks every so pretty when he slouches… )

If we’re really gonna try and find way to get through hiatus then we need some slouchy Jared/Sam too, right?

Because Jared really knows how to work a slouch… )

So what do you think?

Should we have a ‘Mininum Daily Jensen Requirement’?

Or weekly, possibly on a Thursday.

Me, I'm going to force enlist the assistance of Dean and Sam to help me out. Hopefully they'll share a few secrets of the non-hunting variety or something… which I'm going to title 'Sam and Dean on hiatus vacation'.

Just you know, don’t tell Sam ;)

So, how are you going to spend your Thursdays?

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A Year in the Life of Supernatural [19 May 2007|09:59pm]
Yes, I’m indulging myself, so sue me.

But first, thank you so much to [info]star_material for the beautiful gift on my user profile, that was such a lovely thing to do.

*squishes you*

I can’t remember when I’ve enjoyed my livejournal as much or the whole livejournal experience as much as I have this past year.

It’s been an awesome ride and that’s all because of You!.

I just wanted to take a little time out to say thank you to everyone who dropped me comments on the Supernatural Episode Reviews, seriously.

Thank you for every comment.

For sharing your thoughts and fears and your love of the Winchesters.

For squeeeing with me.

Crying with me.

Holding my hand.

For always getting that it’s Sam and Dean and not Sam or Dean.

For coming over here and loving them both.

The quality of comments on the review threads has totally blown me away. The way you all took the time to come here and share so much of yourself and love of the show in the way that you have?

As in depth as you have?

You blow me away with the awesomeness that is You!.

And to think my livejournal was once just a place for me to escape to and now, it’s a place I love to be.

And thank you to everyone who got so sick of hearing me ramble on about the Winchesters that they decided to check them out for themselves. And then came back to join in the Winchester love *grins*

I can’t remember ever having enjoyed a show as much as I have Supernatural.

And it’s not because it’s better than other shows I love or have loved.

It’s because I’ve never shared the experience so completely, shared my characters so completely as I have with Sam and Dean and their road trip. Or had so many people willing to share back, to share their Sam and Dean and John.

And to think, we get to do it all over again next season.

I love you guys!

Thank you for watching with me. For sharing with me. For making the Supernatural experience so much fun and for being The Most Awesomist Flist Ever.

And now I’ll go back to sitting on my typing fingers... )

Here Have a Few Piccies… )

Maybe I’ll add the other posts on to my ‘to do’ list :)
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Supernatural: All Hell breaks Loose Pt2 [18 May 2007|04:06pm]
Episode thoughts for Supernatural Season Finale, ‘All Hell Breaks Loose Pt2’

What am I Supposed to Do? )

Yeah. I'm satisfied. In fact I don't think I could be anymore satisfied then if I was snorting Prozac off the perfectly rounded curve of Dean Winchester's ass.

So who else figures we should hand Jensen Ackles the Emmy he so deserves for this?

Is it September yet?

No, best be finding a way to keep the Winchesters busy then.

*plots things*
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Party in My LJ and Everyone's Invited! [17 May 2007|04:37pm]
Supernatural for the Win!

We got a renewal!

The CW Upfronts: Sticking With Stability on Thursdays and Fridays...

Thursdays and Fridays, as predicted, aren't changing. Smallville at 8/7c and Supernatural at 9/8c. And SmackDown remains on Fridays.

The CW Source

Okay, spam me!

Seriously. Give me your favourite quote. Moment. One-Liner. Screencap. Anything.

Tell me how much you love Dean and Sam and why?


Tell me anything.

Drop by and spam me and have a Purple Nurple :)


Dear Supernatural


You is awesome...

See you next season.

Ps, take care of the boys for us until then.

Much love. Massive amounts of love.

PPs, please with gentle with us in the finale.


More love

Me xxx

Dear whoever,

If you ever wanted to delurk?

Now would be a good time.

Come on in and grab yourself a Winchester,

Love me xx
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Jason Manns on Asylum [16 May 2007|06:50pm]
Jason Manns is such a cutie.

He updated his My Space with his thoughts regarding his Asylum gig, which you can read Here!

And apparently Jensen wasn’t going to sing.

I was just hanging out and playing some songs with friends. Speaking of which, it's kinda funny, I knew people would be waiting to see Jensen sing as well, so I spoke to him about it earlier in the week, and he just said "we'll see." which I understood totally, it's tough to just jump in front of 700 people! when he got there before the show he gave me the negative, he was super tired, still a bit jet-lagged, etc, which, again, was fine with me, he had been working all day, I only had to work for the next hour. When I started "Crazy Love" I was trying to explain why he WASN'T going to sing, but it didn't work. lol. everyone just started clapping and screaming for him, so I looked over like, "sorry about that bud." but he came up and did his thing, and sounded great. ( i know ya'll couldn't hear him that well, but he was right in my ear and he was spot on.) so it was definitely nice of him to get up for everyone, and I'm glad he did.

I can’t speak for everyone but I heard him just fine. I know Jensen’s vocals weren’t that audible on the videos that are popping up all over livejournal due to Jensen being a little microphone shy but in the room itself his voice carried fine.

And his voice is gorgeous, a little deeper and huskier than Jason’s and the way he leaned his body into the music was beyond cute :)

And speaking of Jensen, if a small portion of fandom could quit blaming him for the ‘fanfiction’ question that would be cool.

He was asked a question, he answered it. It is not his fault fandom threw a hissy fit and got its panties in a twist. That’s like blaming him for the fact that he’s in the running for an Emmy when others aren’t.

Oh, wait some people did.

Whatever, dude!

Me, I’ll be over here fangirling the fuck out of him. If you thought I made free with the pompoms before then you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Dear Jensen Ackles,

Dude, you is SHINY

Ps, squish that equally SHINY co-star of yours for me.


Have you all seen the latest pictures of Jensen?

No, why the hell not?

See, Fucking Shiny! )
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