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Speaking of: (Rosendork and That Ackles Guy: AKA Smeckles) [10 Jan 2007|02:58pm]
WoW! I didn’t realise until earlier today but it seems that I Think I Love You has had 2, 924 downloads requests in just the few days it’s been available. Yeah, wow, and I’m not intimidated at all. Uhuh! Nope not me, not even a little :/

So moving swiftly along. Hiatus is almost over *flails* because I don’t think I could have held out much longer, it’s been like TEN YEARS since a new episode, right?

And I’ve really missed this guy... )

And speaking of Rosendork, he did a recent radio interview for Free FM Radio recently, which you can download, just right click and save as

No spoilers for future episodes, just a whole lot of goofing around and eighties music *g*

Rosenbaum Free FM Radio Interview

And speaking of goofing around, the new Supernatural behind the scenes photos are beyond cute and something I have noticed it that my other fandom has guns in strange places, dude *g*

So Jensen, is that a gun between your thighs or are you really just pleased to see Jared? )

AAAAnnnd speaking of thighs... I know the pictures are cute, and there’s much smiley and being goofy and OMg! cute but please tell me I’m not the only one to notice the distraction that is Jensen’s thighs in this picture cause... dude )
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