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Supernatural Fic Post [14 Jan 2007|08:33pm]
Title: Tenderness is the Repose of Passion

Fandom: Supernatural

Author: Jules

Pairing: Sam/Dean

Rating: Adult Content

Summary: Dean wanted to know why Sam just couldn’t tell him the truth. It’s not like he cared which way Sam wanted to swing his dick, hell he’d swung his here, there and everywhere. It wasn’t anyone’s business but his own where his dick chose to spend the night and it’s not like he hid it from Sam.

Word Count: 4 339

Beta: Many thanks and much love to [info]sweptawaybayou

Author’s notes: Written for [info]j2_otpathon pairing selected (Dean/Sam) -- Place (Against a Wall) -- kink/cliché (First time).

Disclaimer: The characters in this story remain the property of Eric Kripke, Robert Singer and related production companies. The purpose of this story is purely for entertainment.

Tenderness is the Repose of Passion... )
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