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Vid Post: Supernatural [17 Jan 2007|06:28pm]
Remember when I said that I was going to try the phenomena of sleep this year? Yeah, guess that’s a bust :D

This began as a single vid but even before I’d finished it I knew it was incomplete because one vid without another is incomplete. Just as Sam without Dean or Dean without Sam is incomplete. That being said, as soon as the vid was finished I began its partner in crime because I didn’t want either to be posted alone.

And then [info]keepaofthecheez made this post and just word. And that’s part of the reason I wanted to vid both sides of the Sam/Dean dynamic because, yes. Dean would die for Sam, he’ll save Sam or die trying but Sam would also die for Dean, he’s told us so.

And you know what, if it came down to it, there’s no way Dean’s going out without Sam by his side, and as Dean said in ‘Croatoan’, without Sam, what’s the point?

For some in fandom there is no Samgirl v Deangirl there’s just Dean and Sam and so, I’m dedicating these vids to [info]keepaofthecheez and the entire post because in her words: be a Samgirl. Be a Deangirl, I don’t care. But do try to love or at least respect them both, if you can, because otherwise you’re hating and disrespecting a fundamental aspect of what makes them them. And in the end? There’s no better closing argument than this:

Sam loves Dean. Dean loves Sam. Think about that, and make of it what you will.

Title: Until The Day I Die (I’ll Spill My Heart For You)

Fandom: Supernatural (Spoilers up to and including 'Hunted')

Characters: Dean/Sam (Dean POV)

Content: As years go by I race the clock with you but if you die right now you know that I’d die too. I’d die too.

Music: Story of the Year

Notes: How can you not look at Sam through Dean’s eyes and not love what he Sees?

Download: Until The Day I Die

Title: I’ll Be There When Your Heart Stops Beating

Fandom: Supernatural (Spoilers up to and Including ('Hunted')

Characters: Dean/Sam (Sam POV)

Content: I'll be there when your heart stops beating, I'll be there when your last breath's taken away. In the dark, When there's no-one listening, in the times when we both get carried away.

Music: +44

Notes: How can you not look at Dean through Sam’s eyes and not love what he sees?

Download: I’ll Be There When Your Heart Stops Beating

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