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*points to icon* [18 Jan 2007|12:14pm]
Heh. I don’t know what’s the matter with me lately; restless doesn’t even begin to cover it. No Srsly.

I got home early this morning, soaked, wind-chilled, had a hot shower, towelled down the dogs and figured, dude, hot coffee. The coffee went cold while I was shuffling from room to room, moving things around and then putting them back where they originally where.

Then I thought, I know, I’ll story board that vid. But I scratched and I thought I’d write porn instead. But you know what, why does word 2007 have so many fonts to choose from?

So I figured I’d read for a while but that meant sitting still, so scratch that idea.

I can’t watch TV because that means sitting still and I don’t do that very well, which kinda explains why I hate the TV. It has no rhythm or at least I can’t ever find a rhythm in most of the crap it insists on puking into my living room. And I counted, there are six TVs in this house. And I dislike them, muchly.

Heh, I like music, it has many different rhythms, all of them good. Plus you can slide about the floor to it and stuff. Bonus.

It was the same yesterday, Arf took the day off work and insisted we go out for something to eat, half way there I figured, “Ugh! Why don’t we just get a take-out coffee from Starbucks and go for a walk?”

Part way across the marina I threw my coffee into a bin and decided, “You know what? I just wanna go home.”

I also think the dogs are avoiding me *eyes them suspiciously*

Mum’s home from the hospital and staying with one of my older sisters for a while until, whenever or whatever is decided or happens because my sister has a huge house which reminds me of a funeral home, I just need to find where she stashed the bodies with five bedrooms and four sitting rooms and five bathrooms which they never use because there’s only her, her husband and my nephew and And mine is used for living in my two bathrooms and four bedrooms are always full of boys and mud and music and noise and people jumping up and down on the furniture :)

And I moved my brother into mum’s for a while, because he’s driving me nuts and I may strangle him at any moment seeing as it’s empty and could use the company.

And now I’m bored again, I think I may go find something to do, maybe I’ll just ignore the paper that needs finishing I’ll write some porn after all. Maybe even RPS porn, less restrictive.

Or maybe I’ll wander around upstairs and see if the little brother left any of the good shit behind :)

So this is what it’s like to have an empty house all to yourself huh?

ETA: I think I might try and write something after all. I just can't decide whether to write a follow up to this, or RPS because I was thinking, what if JA and JP had a one night stand a month or so before the beginning of SPN without needing a name check or exchange of number? You know the sort of thing? Two people, both just the wrong side of too much alcohol, decent music and wandering hands...

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