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Why? [19 Jan 2007|09:34am]
Last night's/this morning's winds are playing havoc with my internet connection and using it like a much loved football. Unfortutately the torrents don't look much loved they look sad and dejected :(

Last week they didn't download until around 10.30am and I was kicking them for their tardiness, at this rate I'll probably be looking at tomorrow :/


I may not make it through the day, yes I know, there is damage everywhere but won't somebody think about the torrents.

*offers them sugar*
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Supernatural Episode Thoughts: Playthings [19 Jan 2007|08:08pm]
I’m paying it forward baby *punches you in the arm, yeah you*

Thank you!

Let me Guess... Antiquers )

ETA: Edited for extra ramble aka please give me my Smallville or I may never shut up :)
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