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Apparently Today is the Day I Learn What Spamming Means [24 Jan 2007|12:12am]
So I figured I'd write some porn because apparently it's good for the soul or something. Nothing too angsty, just hot, sweaty porn.

It's over three thousand words long and they're not even naked yet. Although there has been a lot of looking, and teasing across a room, and a beer bottle resting between someone's parted thighs while their fingers made tracks in the condensation collecting against the glass. You know the sort of thing, fingers circling, sliding up and over the bottle neck... idle hands and all that.

But why can't I just write porn? Why is necessary to set a scene, give them a reason, a build up to the hot-sweaty naked stuff?

Why can't they just, Want.Take.Have?
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So I'm Wondering... [24 Jan 2007|11:33pm]
Because the fic I'm writing is doing that thing were it's best to walk away from it for a short spell and return when you stop wanting to force it where it isn't ready to go. Usually that works for me and when I return I'm pretty much ready to follow its lead.

In the meantime I've been wondering, how wrong would it be to make a Dean/Sam vid that could fall in to the category of a raised eyebrow?

Using clips from something else? I don't mean in your face porn because, well just because.

But a fraction of a second, maybe a second here and there of male-male hands on flesh? Maybe, naked, sweat-slicked backs that fingers could slide down effortlessly, a random clip of tangled thighs... a quick shot of a naked ass, buttons being tugged through denim... that sort of thing?

I mean, it's art, right?

And I'm thinking it would be a challenge and... forget it, I think I just talked myself into it :)

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