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I Found my Happy Place [26 Jan 2007|02:25pm]
Actually I never lost it, just maybe lost sight of it for a while.

Wanna know what or who it is?

Clark Kent! And also, Bravo Mr Welling :)


When everything is going to hell on the express train... Clark Kent.

*loves him*

I spoke to the vet this morning and he’s opening the surgery Sunday morning for half an hour or so seeing as Keisha doesn’t really need to be around entire male dogs. He’s going to give her an injection Sunday and another Tuesday night and then we have to cross our fingers and hope for the best.

The mutt has been back several times today, yet strangely can’t gain access to the garden, not that she’s allowed in it alone, even for a minute at the moment. Though it’s odd it could get in last night, in the dark while its owner strangely lurked by the fence holding its leash but didn’t try and retrieve his dog or knock and ask to check our garden for his dog.

So it looks like it’s escaped its garden again but alone, can’t seem to manage to conquer our fence.

And I feel bad because I told him if I find it my garden again, anywhere near my dog I’d return it to him in a bin liner :/

Not that I’d ever, I mean. Damn, that was a horrible thing to say right?

So yeah. I’d never hurt his dog but I just might drop its owner on his arse if he doesn’t keep it under control.

And in conclusion. Clark Kent :)

I also finished THAT vid but OMg! Clark Kent.


And I'm thinking of maybe making a filter for the SPN downloads due to some strange server hits, I really don't want to because I dislike filters and only lock personal stuff involving the boys who trash my house. I dunno, maybe, possibly or not. or possibly I should just get back to the whole Clark Kent thing :)
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Supernatural Episode Thoughts: Nightshifter [26 Jan 2007|09:00pm]
Supernatural episode thoughts for ‘Nightshifter’.

I Love being unspoiled )
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