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Pokes Manchester and London Pulls Their Pigtails [04 Feb 2007|08:09pm]
*is back from Manchester*

OMg! I so needed that, best cure for anything spending time with SHINY people.

I have blisters, five, but who’s counting? *counts them*

And there was a Senegalese band with home made drums that were just wonderful and I could have just sat down on the ground and very easily found a new happy place.

And the Manchester library has the most amazing ceiling ever. I hearts it, people are adorkable it is adorkable. Also they had a Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual Transgender history exhibit with several huge photos depicting events, people, moments etc which we stopped at, and looked and looked again and said, Is that? It looks like… Omg! It is. Hee! He looks so young, and cute and OMg! Followed by someone calling the person in the photo and telling him how young and awesome he looked in the Manchester library *g*

And we visited the People’s History museum which is made of awesome, and had Mochas and enough food to last me a lifetime. And we walked. A LOT!

And I want to go back and spend a whole day or something poking around Affleck’s Palace because OMg!

See my new trousers… )

But the best thing ever is watching SHINY people bounce up and down on hotel beds over Justice League powers walks, with squeeeeee! And OMg! Most comfiest beds ever.

*rolls around on them*

And snickering over the cuteness of John Barrowman playing with submarines and enjoying it way too much.

I hearts SHINY people and running away. Even with the blisters plots to make people walk the geological fish trail *g*
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