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This Post Brought to You by the Words Random and Bouncy [06 Feb 2007|09:28pm]
OMg! I finally figured out what Dean’s FBI badge says in ‘Nightshifter’ and I’m probably the last but:

Jack Ryan: Tom Clancy’s fictional CIA analyst, played by Harrison Ford in a number of films.

I’m sure I’ll sleep easier knowing that *g*

The most bizarre thing happened today, I woke up feeling decidedly bouncy. Shiny people are good for the attitude yay soul or something.

I even spring cleaned early, I kicked the dogs into the garden to chase their tails or whatever it is they do out there when I’m not looking, put the music on full blast and what do you know, it’s all done. Although I am slightly traumatised at having to clean three bedrooms, all belonging to boys but not enough to dampen the mood.

And now I’m feeling creative but I have three vid projects and I want to work on all three at the same time in case one runs away while I’m neglecting it in favour of another. And it looks like the Jared/Jensen RPS may have spawned at least three sequels.


I am thinking of doing ‘this is why you should watch Supernatural’ and spamming everybody I know with it. What? Just saying…

I am also refraining from spamming with more thoughts on ‘House of the Holy’ regarding belief based on faith versus belief based on fear and other stuff.

And while I feeling sociable :)

*waves to new friends*

Yeah, sorry for not doing that sooner but I’ve been a moody bitch of late but I am sometimes flighty and tend to forget I have a user page. If you want friending back wave or say ‘Hi’ or something ‘cause I’m weird like that. I don’t bite honest, and only in a good way :)

And that goes for all you lurkers too, srsly, I rarely leave teeth marks unless you know, you’re kinky like that ;)

But if you’re just hanging for the downloads that’s fine too, share the love and magic fingers all that.

And just to be even more totally random. It’s a little weird listening to Jerry Goldsmiths ‘Ave Santini (The Omen) through earphones. Especially when the volume is cranked up to max.

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