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Ha! *is totally twelve* [09 Feb 2007|12:46am]
Because a lot of people are doing their thing for [info]promote_spn, and I can’t stream the episodes being that I’m outside the US etc

So I made a trailer, erm… promote like vid? I dunno what it is but it’s Supernatural

I don’t know whether to facepalm or admit that it was buckets of fun.

Yeah, totally buckets of fun! Okay, so it was supposed to be totally serious but *eyebrows Sam and Dean*

ETA: Divx is kicking my arse with continual crashes right now, so just the one version for now. Divx seems to like me again, there is now a high res divx version as well as a medium version.

Title: Because Sometimes Even Heroes Need Saving (Divx)

Fandom: Supernatural

Characters: Dean/Sam/General overview

Content: Made for [info]promote_spn, help gain Supernatural a third season. Because sometimes, even heroes need saving.

Music: Pompeii by E.S. Posthumus and Bachman Turner Overdrive

Warning: Contains spoilers up to and including ‘Houses of the Holy’

Download: Because Sometimes Even Heroes Need Saving or watch at Imeem or Youtube

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Supernatural Episode Thoughts: Born Under a Bad Sign [09 Feb 2007|06:20pm]
This weeks’s thoughts for Supernatural ‘Born Under a Bad Sign’

And as usual, I babbled :)

Scary Just Got Sexy… )
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