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Never Trust a Slow-Dancing Alien [18 Feb 2007|09:15pm]
Dude, I have definitely been posting more frequently of late, like a LOT.

I’m developing mad updating skilz, dude!

So, like have you ever had one of those days when you can’t concentrate on anything because the thing you want to concentrate on is just beyond your grasp?

A thought?

An idea?

Possibly a teasing glimpse of a character, or a situation, which isn’t exactly a plot bunny because the bunny is nowhere to be seen.

Its got me so wrapped up in its possibilities that I just seem to be waiting for it to reveal itself.

Seriously, I’m sure I should be writing something only I don’t know what it is I should be writing. I feel like I’ve been driving down a familiar road all day and every few miles Dean Winchester steps out into the road and flashes a hint of bare skin but when I look in the rear view mirror, he’s gone.

Whatever it is, its dancing around my brain so I can hear its rhythm but hiding in the shadows so I can’t actually see its moves. But eventually it’s going to get tired of dancing alone, right?

I half expect that when it does its going to shake its ass over to the spotlight, possibly with a rose between its teeth and slip me an invitation to tango.

And when it does I’m going to drag it straight off the bedroom and demand it show me its porn collection.

And, dude. After all the teasing it has done today, it better look like Dean Winchester is all I’m saying.
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