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Squish a Rosendork Day [19 Feb 2007|12:56pm]
Because I was chatting back and forth with [info]akima_san last week and we kinda decided there should be a Rosendork day for no other reason than he is Rosendork.

And again for no other reason we decided it should be today. Not dial up friendly because it seems, he REALLY is THAT squishable.

So without further babble, I am officially declaring today:

‘squish your Rosenbaum Day’

Squish as in hug people, dun be squishing my Rosendork unless it’s done with love :)

Squish a Rosendork… )

Awwww, look. Even the Padalecki and the Ackles make happy with the squishes… )

But these are the squishes Rosendork loves the best… )

So, have you squished your Rosendork today?
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