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OMg! Tickets YaY! [20 Feb 2007|11:31pm]
OMg! I totally forgot to mention that the confirmation letter arrived for mine and [info]whimsicalnotion’s tickets for Asylum. And the fact that it arrived on Valentine's day caused no snickering whatsoever :)


And after deciding after my eighth tattoo that I wasn’t going to have anymore even though they are pretty much in places that can be covered up or visible deciding on my mood, I’ve changed my mind.

I mean, I have Angel’s tattoo on my upper arm, and I have Clark and Lex entwined forever on the back of my neck, and then there’s the huge Dean Winchester tattoo on my calf.

But no Sam.

So I want a Sam Winchester tattoo. Arf suggested I have one that matches Dean’s but Dean’s is a dagger (thanks to JA's habit of throwing knives) intertwined with barbed wire and a flower with his name scrolled around it and I don’t think Sam would suit a dagger.

So I asked Michael, “What would suit Sam?”

And he said, wait for it…


And Michael asked Jared and Jared said...



I didn’t know whether to snort or just wtf!?!

*pets Sammy*
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