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*bangs head* [22 Feb 2007|08:17pm]
This layout business is harder than it looks. I've been reading tutorials until my brain finally gave up and leaked out of my ears and honestly it's all mumbo jumbo to me.

All I want is a layout with sidebars for links and tags and stuff because I have a gorgeous graphic for my user info page and I want a layout to match it but with the sidebars and stuff where I can just clicketty the links and tags and other information and stuff.

Does anyone know if there any tutorials for idiots?

I mean, look at the gorgeousness of Jensen that [info]vartanluvva made, isn't it pretty... )

And in other news, never trust a Japanese Akita when it suddenly becomes quiet. Even when you're calling her and she normally answers because it usually means she's gone into hunt mode. That's twice this weeks she's stalked me, and then suddenly appeared out of nowhere and dumped me in a huge mud puddle.

Bless her four white stockings. Well they were white, there a yukky shade of mud-brown at the moment :)

*goes back to tutorials*
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