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OMFg! Hiatus [23 Feb 2007|04:39pm]
No Smallville, No Supernatural. Worse Friday ever, dude!

So, just out of curiosity shoots the cat how many people on my f-list (or lurking *pokes you*) are going to Asylum?

Come on I've seen the squealing over the confirmation letters, let's have a show of hands, otherwise don't blame me when May arrives and my dance card is already full *g*

Oh, God! Hiatus, how I hatinate you.

Sorry, but hiatus people.


And in other news I had a funeral pyre for the tutorials and opened up an editing programme instead. No really, I so needed to finish the episodic vid for 'Houses of the Holy', anyway :/

And Hiatus sucks donkey bollocks. So, until it's over I am going to finish the vid, and then finish that follow-up fic which taunts me with it's presence on my hard drive.

And possibly picspam and vid stuff and write porn.

I may even do that thing were you invite people to prompt for a drabble or ficlet because OMFg!WTF!?!Hiatus!

HIATUS! I hope it chokes on the donkey bollocks

*rocks back and forth in a corner*

ETA: OMg! Somebody hug my Dean mood theme. Stupid hiatus, making Dean cry.

*puts on New Rocks and kicks it*
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