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Networks Watching and Waiting... [26 Feb 2007|06:42pm]
With a little retooling and some rescheduling, the networks hope they can build an audience for four struggling second-season shows.

Kelly Kahl, programming chief for the CW, has a few things to say about Supernatural in a Newsday story on 2nd year TV shows. It also has some snippets of information from Eric Kripke about the give and take between the networks and the writers and time-slots.

Sophomore shows such as Close to Home, the CW's horror-thriller *Supernatural* Fox's crime-investigative drama Bones and CBS sitcom How I Met Your Mother have shored up some of their initial ratings doldrums. But they haven't completely outrun the scheduling ax just yet. For now, the networks will wait and see, hoping to build the promising shows into prime-time stalwarts. )

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