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Dear Mr Padalecki. No More Naked Jensen Privileges. Ever, Dude! [27 Feb 2007|10:21am]
Huh! Plot bunnies are strange and sometimes scary. Possibly they’re nightmares disguised as plot bunnies; the jury is still out on that one.

It’s a nightmare if you wake up scared to death and on the verge of screaming, right?

Because temporarily closing a word document on a sequel to a Jared/Jensen fic and then waking up several hours later, terrified because Jensen is imagining Chad Michael Murray standing on a box, NAKED, is so not funny.


Dear Mr Ackles, WTF!?!

No love because OMFg! The TRAUMA!

Me xx

PS, what the fuck is wrong with you, dude?


Apparently it’s all Jared’s fault and Jensen in no way wants or intends to have sex with Chad Michael Murray, with or without the aid of a box. Only I have to write the fic to figure out why that is.

But I dunno, I mean can plot bunnies be trusted?

*stands on a box*

*whaps Jensen about the head with a rolled up newspaper*

*debates whether to whap Jared about the head too*

*looks around for a bigger box*

ETA: OMFg! I can't believe I let them drag me there...


Dear Mr Padalecki,

You best be shittin' Jensen me otherwise I'm trading in the rolled-up newspaper for a baseball bat.

Love which is hanging by a thread, dude. By a thread!

Me x
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