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Dear Sam Winchester [04 Mar 2007|01:33pm]
Dear Sasquatch Sam Winchester,

Don’t think I didn’t notice you just because I am often blinded by the sexass the prettiness of your big brother.

So yeah. Dear Sasquatch Sam Winchester,

How come you is so cute?

Like OMFg! Cute… )

Why Yes. I am Talking About You… )

And what’s with that smile?

Have you been taking lessons from Clark Kent? Seriously, I mean do you have to smile with your entire being. And the way you throw your head back when you laugh…

And Just OMFg! Dude… )

And while we're on the subject of the cuteness of you. We so need to have a talk about the EYE thing. I mean, is there any wonder your sexass big brother can’t EVER refuse you anything? How come you can make six foot-five of OMG! Are you ever going to quit growing? look vulnerable?

I Mean, Are You Deliberately Trying to Break my Heart? )

Seriously, Sammy. Give.Me.A.Break… )

And don’t think for one second that you’re getting away without us having words about the TONGUE thing.

What is it with you Winchesters and tongues, anyway? )

But dude. DUDE! Who said you could go all sexass drop dead evil on my ass?

Roadtrips with THE sexass your brother are one thing but did you have to let him teach you ALL his secrets?

Seriously, Dude! )

Cut it out. I have enough with your brother pulling that kind of shit.

Dear sexass Dean and the cutest sasquatch ever Sam,

When I am dead of the heartbreak, loyalty, snarkiness, brotherly love, not so brotherly love, sexass pretty, sasquatchness cuteness and--OMFg! The gun-toting HOTNESS and HEARTBREAK that is YOU TWO.

I just want you to know. IT WILL BE ALL YOUR FAULT!

Please don’t ever change

Love me xx
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