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Clock Watching [05 Mar 2007|10:09am]
Apologies to the f-list for I am about to spam you with doggy pics because I’ve just left my baby at the vets because she's being spayed today.

And as much as I know it’s routine to ask, I always get a tight feeling in my chest when they ask,

“Is she insured?”



What? Why? OMFg! Shut up!

They promised to have the nurse sedate her and ensure she’s nice and sleepy before the vet approaches her because after last time I’m a little apprehensive that she might repeat the behaviour and get arsey and I won’t be there to hold her in a headlock run interference.

And according to Arf, my reaction as we left her behind answered a question he’s been curious about for several months.

The answer was written all over my face.

We can never go on holiday together without her :/

So, now we either wait for them to call us or failing that, we’re to call them at four 0’clock to arrange a time to collect her and bring her back home.

I know I babble about her a lot considering she’s not the only dog we have and yet, I always babble about her,

But she’s my baby girl… )

I need to upload the latest pics because she’s grown even more since these were taken.

And how cool is it that there are people on my f-list who have actually given her squishes in person :)

Is it four 0’clock yet?

ETA: OMg! She's Home... )
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