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Panties, Porn and Possibly a Padalecki [07 Mar 2007|12:15pm]
Yes, I know they are all over my f-list, I know this because I am ducking esplodey panties left, right and centre.


Comments on the pics are all fictitious and fancricated by me. I'm sure nothing of the sort actually happened. Unless, you know. It did *g*

Dear Jensen have you any idea what you do to your fandom? )

There needs to be fic or something.

Dear F-List if you ever manage to climb out of your bunks, and I totally understand if that’s a problem right now but there needs to be fic.


ETA: Dear Jensen,

When I finish the fic, and I will, possibly later. Then you only have yourself to blame.

PS, Fancy doing that. Pressing yourself up against a wall, shoulders chafing cold concrete, head thrown back, eyes hooded and just... Dude, I mean could you be anymore blatant obvious?

Also, thank you! You gorgeous stud-muffin, you.

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