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The Five Fics Meme [08 Mar 2007|02:04pm]
Because I was tagged by [info]sweptawaybayou, and because I love her lots.

Post a list of your top five favorite fics you've written, regardless of fandom or the reason you love them. This isn't about the BEST things you've written, but what you LOVE most. Then tag five other people to do the same.

Huh? Regardless of why you love them. Dude, I am so telling you why I love them, so :p

Spike/Angel: Lament for the Dead

I think the summary pretty much explains why I love it so much. It doesn’t matter if it’s for a solitary night, a single day, just one brief moment--or for a lifetime. The thought of Spike and Angel achieving just one moment where they are totally at peace with one another, nothing between them. No past, no demons, no monsters lurking in the shadows, just the two of them--alone, quiet, spent and together is a moment I’ll probably love forever.

Clark/Lex: Between Truth and Madness Lies Obsession

I guess I’m pretty predictable in the fact that I love this for exact same reason I love the one above. Again, it’s that one moment of just the two of them. When everything that has separated or come between has been pushed aside, forgotten until all that remains is touch, taste and a nakedness that reaches beyond the physical.

Clark/Lex: Duplicity Makes for Fun Bedfellows

I love this because I am such an angst girl. Even when I strive for something other the angst always raises its ugly head until it’s right there, at the heart of almost everything I’ve written. This time it didn’t. This time I managed to keep it at bay and succeed in writing two characters I love beyond measure and for once they were just happy to be. Happy in the moment and they were smiling and teasing and just--I love them so much. Even when they’re acting like teenagers. Especially when they’re acting like teenagers.

Sam/Dean Sam/Jess Sam/Dean: Four Years and a Photograph of You

I’m not sure I could even begin to tell you why I love this so much. It’s written in several chapters and longer than a lot of my fics because it covers the four years Sam spent in Palo Alto. It’s an exploration of his feelings, his experiences and his separation from Dean. It’s something I’d wanted to write but didn’t want to rush and once I’d begun to write it, it was all just there. I spent several weeks writing this fic and loved every moment spent with it. The late nights sat alone in the dark with only a laptop screen to slice through the shadows, the sound of a kettle boiling and the constant tapping of a keyboard the only noise to break the silence. It became like a friend, a companion and I fell in love with it and it hurt to let it go when it was finished. I missed its company, I missed the things it whispered to me but most of all I missed the things it taught me and gave me. It gave me Sam Winchester because until I’d written this Sam was just Dean’s adorable and somewhat cute younger brother. This fic made me fall in love with Sam Winchester for who he is and not just because of who his brother is.

It’s a piece of fiction that began out of curiosity and ended with an all encompassing love.

Jared/Jensen: The Object of my Stare

I love the feel of this, I love the freedom it offered. The opportunity to step away from canon and character traits and the restrictions that often surround fanfiction. Because sometimes you just want to tell a story, maybe it’s a story which wouldn’t fit a character, maybe the character wouldn’t act in the way you wanted him to, say the things you wanted him to say… and that’s why I love RPS fiction because it steps outside the boundaries set by canon (okay to some extent, there is always canon and there should always be good characterisation) and yet, the faces are familiar even if the characters aren’t. And they are characters, they’re characters which are created for the sole purpose of the story and they’re ours to mould and breathe life into and watch grow.

And this one is growing, even though it hasn’t been updated yet, the story isn’t finished, it’s only just begun. And I love that it isn’t over and that the journey is ongoing and taking me to new places.


And this also gives me an opportunity to say I know recent remarks made by me in this journal have offended at least one person but… )

Dude, I have to tag people. Okay but I hope whomever I tag in no way feels obligated to do this. OMg! Do EEEEEEEEEEEET

[info]whimsicalnotion [info]felisblanco, [info]acampbell, [info]itsabigrock and [info]obsessedmuch

No pressure. OMg! Pressure!
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