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Life is Easier to Swallow if Seasoned With a Pinch of Salt [14 Mar 2007|02:27pm]
The worst thing about having a cold is waking up and realising that at some point while you were sleeping someone stole into your room, removed your brain and replaced it with a cotton-wool-ball. And then they sneak back out again, probably laughing their head off while you wander around for the rest of the day picking at the lint that was once your thought process until you find something that makes sense.

Ugh! And I have yet another throat infection. I seriously need to do something to boost my immune system. Either that or start being more particular as to what I put in my mouth--Ugh!

I took a walk around the marina this morning, bought a large Mocha from Starbucks and sat on a wall, swinging my legs as I watched the yachts sail past and just let my thoughts wander. I haven’t done that for so long, and it felt good. It felt good to just let go of everything and just watch the world go by and remember that you can't please everyone all the time and sometimes, just occasionally it isn't a crime to please yourself. Srsly, it isn't. Rinse. Repeat. Repeats Louder. Ignores the cotton-wool-ball that was once my brain and tells it to shut up.

We’re picking the boys up soon and taking them out for a slap up meal to celebrate Joe’s ability to be awesome, Mike’s ability to be pretty, (if he ever manages to find his way out of the bathroom) and Jared’s ability to be a treacle-treasure of munchkin-ness :)

And then I’m going to come home, get cosy with my headphones and Steve Carlson on repeat and finish the sequel to Object of my Stare. However long it takes because the story just seems to keep on growing and cramming it all into a single sequel isn’t going to work.

So, if you see me on LJ, other than bouncing over the end of hiatus and new episodes of Smallville and Supernatural you have permission to kick my arse back in the direction of the nearest open word document. kthanx
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