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Hiatus is Over YaY! [16 Mar 2007|08:24am]
It's only 8.30am and not only has this week's episode of Supernatural finished downloading but I already have it uploading.

*pokes the torrents* Dude, are you feeling okay?

And I can watch it as soon as I've taken the dogs for a run because Keisha had her stitches out yesterday and was pronounced fit and well and ready for light exercise :)

*prods Smallville to get a move on*

I also uploaded a lot of my JA picture folders last night, it took me hours. HOURS. Be afraid, be very afraid.

Right I have a date with a couple of dogs and a muddy field.
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Supernatural Episode Thoughts: Roadkill [16 Mar 2007|11:55am]
Thoughts for this week's Supernatural episode 'Roadkill'.

Oh, God. Call me… )

ETA: Remember when I said it took me hours to upload all my JA pics?

It seems I have even more JP pics. How is that even possible?

And is it fair to upload one without the other?

I mean, random JA picspams could also be random Padackles picspams, right?

Dude, Smallville hurry up before I start digging my own grave :/
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