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Dude, I Think I'm Having a Chick Flick Moment [24 Mar 2007|07:22pm]
OMg! You People are made of awesome.

I just wanted to point that out.

Seriously, I love how chatty you all get on the supernatural episode reviews/thinketty posts.

Heh, I’m definitely a ‘no chick flick moments’, kinda girl but you people make me want to do the whole ‘chick flick’ thing.

For real!

I love how you share your thoughts and feelings about the epsiodes. I love how you share your favourite moments.

Moments which caused you to squeeee!

Moments which caused you to cry.

To laugh.

To look away.

To curl up in a ball and whimper.

Moments that broke you and moments that killed you dead.

I love how you share, how you tell me why those moments did that, in detail and not just the words but how you all describe what you were thinking, hoping, what you were feeling.

And most of all I love that sometimes you can’t describe all of the above but you try anyway and it’s ALL there. Everything you thought you couldn’t put into words and still, I totally understand because the episode, the characters robbed me of words too and left me broken and wandering and looking for someone who knows why that is without having to be told.

I love that for me, You Are That Someone. I love the fact that you’re there and being that someone makes me go all chick flick.

You’re like the Dean to my Sam and the Sam to my Dean.

*happy place*

*hearts you all*

And now I’m going to eat a delicious vegeterian omelette with garlic mushrooms and then make capsies of ‘Heart’.
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Hi Res Picspam: Heart [24 Mar 2007|10:19pm]
Hi Res Screencaps for that final scene in ‘Heart’, why yes I am still talking about it.

In fact there may even be a vid and possibly a fic because I need to do something to erase it from the back of my retina and possibly stop it playing on a loop in my brain :/

Or possibly, I’m just a masochist.

These are definitely not dial-up friendly

This is How You Can Save Me… )

But you know, this is the moment where the bottom fell out of my heart and hit the floor with a thud.

The moment its bones were salted… )

And this is where the remnants of my heart were burned beyond all recognition.

And all that was left was a pile of ash… )

Yeah, I saved the shallow moments for another post because after that I need something that’s just pretty and possibly naked.

*wanders off to sort through pics of Sam and possibly count his moles*
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