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More Hi Res Screencaps From 'Heart' [25 Mar 2007|12:40am]
Hi Res screencaps for ‘Heart’ with no tears, no angst just flesh and teeth and OMFG!

Seriously he did everything but growl.

I wouldn’t suggest you click the link unless you have a decent connection. This post is seriously not dial-up friendly

But dude how often do we get the opportunity to ogle Sam’s moles  )

And just think THAT is the sight that greets Dean Winchester, every morning. When Dean wakes up and turns over…


If anyone wants them there are also, angst and OMg! angst caps for the final scene of ‘Heart’ posted Here!. Because dude, people do really watch for the plot. But sometimes the angst plot seriously requires a little shallow for dessert :)

And I promise to quit spamming you now *g*
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