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Where I Compare Sam and Dean to a Pair of Smelly Old Socks [29 Mar 2007|09:26pm]
I’ve been making new friends and in the process of making new friends I realised there are more than a few people out there who also believe that there is no or in Sam and Dean.

There is only And.

Sam and Dean. Dean and Sam. See how that works?

Three letters, one word, and yet, it says so much.

It says I love them both. It says they’re a team, a unit.

It says I’m not gonna leave one by the wayside because I much prefer the other.

It says they are two halves of a whole.

I know it’s not the same for everyone but I’m very much in favour of the word composed of three letters as opposed to one composed of two.

Dean and Sam.

I commented recently to someone that for me they’re like a pair of socks, you know?

We all have our own versions of Dean and of Sam. We all have our reasons for Dean or for Sam, but for me, it’s about the socks.

It’s because they’re well worn and have been through the wringer more times than I can mention which has caused them to become a little frayed around the edges and so what if one has kind of shrunk a little in the wash making the other seem longer. They’re still my favourite pair of socks and have seen me through some cold winters. They’ve kept me warm and dry even if they’re not quite snug enough to fit my winter boots and have a tendency to loose elasticity and slip every now and again. What does it matter because even when they slip they prove to fit the curve of my heel perfectly?

They’re the first ones I reach for after a long day and my feet hurt because they’re familiar and comfortable, despite their appearance. They’re the ones I always make sure to roll up together on wash days in case the sock monster is lurking around the laundry room because the thought of losing one means the other is no longer useful.

And why keep a sock that no longer matches anything? Because then it’s odd, a leftover. Something that remains after what made it whole no longer exists.

And that’s what Sam and Dean would be without each other, they’d be no longer whole, just someone who was left behind.

And somethings, some people need to be whole otherwise they’re nothing but an extension of someone else. )
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