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To Angst or Give in to the Cuteness. That is the Question [11 Apr 2007|05:13pm]
See, I am alive, just exhausted and a little frayed around the edges ;)

I have a sudden urge to write more Winchester Gen fic, or maybe it’s not so sudden. Anyway, I have an urge to write snippets of back story, or just childhood experiences, memories, moments in time etc

It could go one of two ways. I could either overdose myself on angst or make myself sick with the cuteness :)

Or I could make the vid I’ve been tinkering with, even if it is the most ridiculous piece of crack ever.

And I see Jared cancelled Asylum due to his new movie Lionsgate's ‘The Christmas Cottage’ where he will star alongside or rather be the star alongside Peter O'Toole, in a three movie deal.

Yeah, I get that people are upset, I also get that for some Jared was the reason they were attending. I get that some people are annoyed seeing as how this isn’t the first convention Jared has cancelled and that some are worried Jensen may now also pull out.

But you know what *pets the Padalecki*

A three movie deal huh?

You go big fella!

*pompoms Jared*
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