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Renewal or Hoax? [16 Apr 2007|08:21am]
This could very well be untrue but someone over at the CW Lounge has posted claiming that Supernatural has been picked up for a third season.

"CW has ordered a third season of “Supernatural,” a fourth season of "Veronica Mars," "while lining up a seventh season of "Smallville". Thanks to its "Smallville" lead-in, "Supernatural” has become the highest rated CW show at 9pm. In addition, “Supernatural” has faced the toughest timeslot of the year, up against the two highest rated dramas “Grey’s Anatomy” and “CSI”."

Early Press Leak or Hoax?

The poster is a new to the CW lounge and has yet to provide a link to the source of the supposed leak, claiming:

Take it for what it's worth. This article was emailed to me as an exclusive
by a friend who works in the PR for the CW. You will find out on Tuesday or not the truth. I'm just the messenger.

Whether or not there’s going to be an announcement tomorrow who knows but the upfronts aren’t until May 17th, so…

If it’s true then drinks are on me but I think I’m going to wait for an official announcement before I buy all four boys a round of shots.

Personally I have faith in my boys and I think they will get a 3rd and a 7th season but I'm not going to take just anyone's word for it :)
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