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Who Needs REM Sleep When There's RPS Sleep? [17 Apr 2007|01:43pm]
Dude! I had a crackstastic dream last night. I never dream, well rarely. I always have the weirdest, most bizarre nightmares, which force me to leave several windows open for days because my nostrils seem to remember some very peculiar smells and…


Anyway, I had what can only be described as a cracktastic dream, and I have no idea where it came from or why I never thought to write it instead of dream it.

Not that I’m complaining.

Because Jared was showing Jensen how to do body shots; well it was more facial shots, involving lots of mouth to mouth but with no real kissing allowed on the recipient’s part. Jensen just had to sit there while Jared did his thing and then Rosenbaum insisted on having a turn and totally took advantage of the no kissing rule to slobber all over Jared.

Jared retaliated by throwing the rules out of the window and snogging the face of Welling to piss Rosenbaum off, and succeeded.

And then Jared said something dirty to Rosenbaum regarding Welling’s mouth and how Rosenbaum should do something to remove the taste of Jared before Welling learned to like the difference.

And then he propositioned Jensen, turned on his heel and walked out.

Oh, and Jensen knocked over the entire table of drinks in his haste to catch up with Jared and force him to make good his promise.

Rosenbaum was too busy following Jared's advice to notice.

I mean, dude!

You should have been there.

Next time I get a headache which requires pills that fuck with my brain functions, I am definitely remembering to take a pen and paper to bed with me.

Not that I needed one this time but you never know…

*awaits future headaches with fangirl anticipation*


Dear Mr Padalecki,

Stop by anytime. You're always welcome.

Oh, and bring your friends.

Much love and appreciation,

Me xx
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