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Warning For Supernatural Torrent [27 Apr 2007|08:14am]
Just a quick note for anyone downloading Supernatural from the torrents.

File: 'Supernatural S02E19 HDTV XviD-SORNY'

The file is corrupt or has a problem. I downloaded it earlier and it freezes at around 30:37, a rather crucial plot point too. Also the quality of the overall file isn't as good as usual downloads, it begins to randomly pixelate not long after.

After looking around it seems others are having the same problem. If you don't mind missing several minutes, it kicks again but if like me, you do mind, I'd reccomend finding a different file.

For those downloading from other sources, and want a clearer a file, I'd maybe ask which file it is being made available before downloading. Altough so far this seems to be the one being made available on all torrents...
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Supernatural 'Folsom Prison Blues' Review [27 Apr 2007|04:48pm]
Just the ramble this week, hopefully a decent, reliable file will become available soon.

*kicks corrupt torrents*

Oh, Dean. You can call top bunk as often as you like but it seems you are destined to spend your life as a bottom. )

And on a sidenote, my flist is scaring me a little.

I know, I’m a wuss but I’m an unspoiled wuss.

I’m a little anxious of Livejournal right now due to the amount of spoilers that aren’t behind cut tags. Mostly it’s communitities but I have barely managed to escape one or two that have popped up on my flist. So I’m avoiding all communities (barring fic communities) like the plague until this season in over. It’s getting so bad that every day another post contains an uncut spoiler of some kind.

Dude, every time you post an uncut spoiler you make me Sam Winchester cry.

If I’ve missed something interesting or that you’d like me to read linketty me, just don’t linketty me to a community because there be spoilers.

And major squishes to all those who always post spoilers behind a cut tag, you make Dean Winchester a fangirl proud :)

Ugh! LJ is still with holding my comment notifications :/
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Supernatural Episode Thoughts [27 Apr 2007|11:06pm]
This week’s episode thoughts for Supernatural. ‘Folsom Prison Blues’.

Folsom Prison Blues Ramble... )

Full review Here….

Also for the benefit of anyone reading this journal Dean Winchester just earned himself another alias.

Yes, I know he’s a sexass. He’s still a sexass and forever will be a sexass.

Only now he’s not just a sexass.


McHottie ‘Sexass’ McQueen. I so need an icon that says that.

McHottie ‘Sexass’ McQueen.

God bless him and all who… uhm… yeah, I guess that would be Sam. The McToppie to Dean’s McHottie.

Man, Sammy what more of a hint than ‘bow-legged’ do you need? You must really have a thing for the way Dean walks, dude. That’s all I can say…

other than. OMFg! Me too dude, that swagger. How totally HOT is that?
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