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Huge Jensen Ackles Picspam [28 Apr 2007|02:37pm]
Huge ass Scruff Muffin Jensen piscpam for [info]beanbeans and[info]copykween because I’ve been threatening promising to spam them at some point.

That point being today :)

Not Dial Up Friendly. SERIOUSLY!

Awww, baby-faced Jensen... )

It’s All in the Eyes, Dude… )

Okay, Hot Stuff. Show us Those Pearly Whites… )

Omg! Freckles of Ackles… )

And my all time favourite pictures, like Srly!

Otherwise Known as ‘The Scruff Muffin’… )

Warning May Cause Esplodey Girl Parts. Or Boy Parts… )

Because They Never Grow Old Or Tire of Being Looked at…  )

Yes, we know. You’re totally adorable… )

Omg! Yes. You Too! )

And next up there will be a Dean Winchester McHottie ‘Sexass’ McQueen picspam also for [info]beanbeans and [info]copykween

Consider yourselves forewarned :)

Ps, Is LJ still not sending comment notifications to anyone else because it's been four days now and I'm afraid when they finally arrive they're going to esplode my inbox.

ETA: LJ has dropped 367 and counting comment notifications in my inbox. Yeah, thanks for that. *kicks it*
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