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A Need to Finish What I Started or Keep Starting... [01 May 2007|04:23pm]
I opened my WIP folder yesterday, to start work on an unfinished fic and realised that there are more in there than I thought.

I have eight unfinished fics on my hard drive.

*eyebrows self*

Mostly this is because I usually push plot bunnies aside if I'm already working on something but in doing that have pushed aside some really interesting plot bunnies which have hopped away to pastures unknown, never to return :(

So recently, if a cute fluffy bunny hopped across the page of something I was working on (or even a rabid bunny, all teeth and matted fur) I opened a new word document and tried to get down at least a couple of paragraphs to appease it in the hope it wouldn't stomp off in a huff.

Maybe that wasn't such a good idea either.

*eyebrows plot bunnies*

I'm going to try and finish two before this week's SPN episode.

A Dean/Sam fic told from the point of view of John.

Don't ask me where that bunny came from, I have no idea. All I know is that it was obsessive in its search for a storyteller and that its teeth were definitely sharp.

I named the bunny John Jnr and decided to give it a home.

And the Jared/Jensen, Mike/Tommy kissy-face fic.

*determined face*

So, if you see me playing around LJ between now and Friday, please to be kicking my arse.


ETA: One down, one to go :)
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