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AiEEEEEE! Shiny New Toy [05 May 2007|04:43pm]
My laptop is still sick and I’m still hesitating about handing it over to the technicians of doom and being without my clicketty things.

I kind of rely on my clicketty things to keep me sane when the never ending stream of house guests and sick people become too much. And if the clicketty things aren’t working properly, well there’s always the interweb and writing and picpams and all the fic goodness my f-list provides.

*squishes you all*

But I need my clicketty things, without them, sometimes house guests, sick people and lack of sleep can be really tiresome. I have a vid I desperately want to finish and well, other things.

So I decided after Coventry, it’s off to the technicians and I’d just have to suck it up.

And then Arf came home yesterday and told me he’d arranged for a courier to collect it and send it in for repair, they’re collecting it on Tuesday.

Tuesday but…


I can’t pack up the huge family computer and cart it off to Coventry and they’ll keep if for like a bamillion weeks and…

I should have known he was up to something when he said they can keep it as long as they want as long as they eventually repair it.


No *grabby hands*

Apparently back up laptops aren’t really worth having unless they actually work properly and for it to work properly it needs to go in for repair, on Tuesday.

Wait, back up what?

OMg! It’s a back up this… )

Now, is there anything Windows Vista Premium is compatible with?


Also I haven't posted a review yet for 'What is and What Should Never Be' yet... but I will, when I can talk about it.
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