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Brief Update from Coventry [13 May 2007|12:53am]

He sang!

Jensen got up on stage and sang with Jason Manns.

Okay it went like this.

Jensen was asked this morning if he had any plans to pursue his singing and he didn't hesitate. The answer was no.

He talked about how singing for him is recreational, how it's something he enjoys and a way to unwind. He also mentioned that he has friends who are musicians, who sing and that listening to them, having that means he knows when to shut up.

But he likes to jam with his friends, play guitar, sing and just enjoy the moment. He then mentioned Jason, how he's a musician, he sings, he then pointed Jason out to the audience and mentioned how he'd be singing this evening.

And then this voice piped out from somewhere in the darkness asking,

"So you gonna jam with me?"

And there was complete silence, from they stage.

Hee! Total deer in the headlights, followed by:

"You are so gonna pay for that bud..."

Followed by:

"Well are you?"

To which Jensen replied,

"I'll think about it."

Tonight during Jason's session he asked the audience if they visted Youtube and mentioned how a friend of his had emailed him a link and told him to check it out, he'd find it interesting. He checked out the link that had been viewed over 30 000 times, clicked it and was surpised to see himself singing a duet at a wedding with another friend.

He then played the first few chords of 'Crazy Love', and eyebrowed Jensen, several times until Jensen finally gave in to the pleading looks from Jason and took to the stage to sing Crazy Love.

And OMFg!

*aeroplane arms*

Just, dude!

Absolutely amazing, just doesn't cover it.


And for the record, Jensen is so much more than a pretty face, and definitely not the diva some claimed him to be after the announcement regarding autograph rules. Seriously, you'll never convince me that he's anything other than gracious and pretty much amazing.

So there :P

And a total Scruff Muffin, unshaven and all.

Dude, he did the singing thing!

*aeroplane arms*
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