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Asylum: Supernatural Report [15 May 2007|03:38pm]
Asylum report for Jensen and Supernatural. I’ll post a Smallville report, when I manage to steal some quiet time. But honestly, I missed a lot of what was scheduled for the weekend due to clashes in the itinerary. It seemed that a lot of the Supernatural Question and Answer panels were scheduled against the Smallville photo shoots and autograph sessions and vice versa.

The opening panel of the event was Jensen’s which just happened to coincide with Justin Hartley’s photo shoot occurring elsewhere in the building which was pretty much the start of ‘Supernatural or Smallville’, not good for anyone who bought tickets on the basis of both Supernatural and Smallville.

I mean Jensen. Dude! But I wouldn’t have missed Alison Mack or Justin Hartley’s panel for anything. They were both absolutely and equally amazing. I think a lot of people fell so hard for Alison Mack, which I totally understand and Justin, well what can I say, don’t ever walk out of a question and answer panel hosted by Justin Hartley.

Mostly I wanted to hear what the guests had to say so missed the photo shoots, which meant I lost the money I’d pre paid online for them. Remind me to never pre pay for something like that again unless there’s an itinerary available.

I know I said I didn’t care if it was badly organised because I was going to have fun anyway. I just never realised it would be that badly organised. )

Dude, Jensen.

Seriously, the camera does not do that man justice, he’s so much prettier in person and just how is that even possible? We looked for blemishes and couldn’t find a single one. There was even a comment that there may be people walking around seriously deprived of certain attributes because they were all given to Jensen Ackles.

And he has the most beautiful hands too with really long, nicely shaped fingers.

Also, he’s slimmer than he appears on TV, or slimmer than Dean appears anyway. Maybe it’s all those layers of clothes the boys wear.

He’s also witty, charming, gracious, courteous and has an amazing comedic delivery, he can dead-pan a line perfectly. To top that, he’s also intelligent, and has depth. I loved the way he answered his questions, he elaborated on most of his questions and gave some really thoughtful, intelligent answers. He searched out the person in the audience who was asking the question and maintained eye contact, often leaning forward, hands braced on his knees as he engaged with them and even though his chair was facing at an angle, which meant he had his back to some of the audience on the left he often switched position so he was facing different areas of the audience throughout. I don’t know if it was a conscious thing but it was thoughtful all the same.

He has a very expressive face when he’s talking, an authentic enchantment and I can’t believe I said that but he does. It’s apparent when watching him talk, seeing how his facial expressions emphasised whatever he was describing and visibly showing how it made him feel or affected him. It’s even more apparent when he’s discussing something that amused him or something that he thinks as funny because he seems to pull the most comical facial expressions.

And the man has the most amazing slouch, he seems to melt into the chair, legs spread, one arm draped over the side of the chair, while one foot rests atop the other.

It’s very relaxed and pretty.

He smiles a lot too, and throws his head back when he laughs.

Now tell me, how is it fair that one man can have all that?

And the shy thing?

I didn’t see it in his panels; I’m not saying he isn’t shy because that’s something that became apparent later in the evening when he took to the stage with Jason Manns to sing. His body language was entirely different to how he appeared the rest of the weekend, less confident and little unsure but I doubt there’s anyone who could claim they don’t occasionally lack confidence in at least one area of their life but that doesn’t necessarily mean they have a shy personality.

And yes, he appeared somewhat shy when it came to singing in public but the rest of the time?

He doesn’t appear shy, in fact he appears very confident but somewhat naturally reserved, not to the point of being informal just reserved. When he’s talking about acting, his characters and his career he’s very enthusiastic, animated and very engaging, there appears an openness about his manner, he’s accessible and receptive and he gives generously of his thoughts and feelings regarding his craft.

And Jared, he becomes very animated and enthusiastic when talking about Jared but we’re not allowed to tell Jared that or about any of the nice things Jensen says about Jared because to quote Jensen:

“Just don’t tell him I said any of that because I’ll kill you.”

But he was more reserved in the autograph sessions, still open and accessible and so polite but there was definitely a shift in his body language and manner but not to the point of shyness. Just in a way that seemed to draw less attention to himself and instead shifted the focus to the person standing in front of him, which is good because people attending obviously wanted to be seen by him or some of them did. (Dude, my wall would like to say hello to your wall from way over this side of the reserve barrier) But it also put the other person in the spotlight, which again is good but also very clever on his part.

So I’m not convinced he’s as shy as opinion seems to believe, just more reserved when it comes to areas of his life which aren’t solely based on his career or his public persona. It’s something; I think that reiterates his take on being in the public eye and still retaining a sense of privacy, some semblance of self. He knows how much of himself he’s willing to give; to share, is aware of when and to which areas of his life he’s comfortable doing that and also aware of when he’s more comfortable taking a step back from the spotlight.

The lead up to Jensen singing with Jason Manns )

When asked about Season Three… )

The Wincest Thing )

And dude his answer to this question totally threw me for six… )

Okay Random and in no Particular Order… )

And he really likes to vacation somewhere with a sandy beach so could the fans please email Kripke and tell him about the ghost surfer that the boys really need to go and investigate.

In the meantime, he’ll work on Kripke for a brotherly hug.

And I missed a lot of the other Supernatural panels because I was busy being a Smallville geek but I did manage to catch a few things.

So, Alona, Nicky and Brooke… which is it, Sam or Dean? )

As long as this is, I know there are still some comments and observations I haven’t had chance to update, so I’ll probably add to this from time to time.

But for now, Jensen for the win. Total Scruff Muffin come Sexass and utterly adorable.
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