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Jason Manns on Asylum [16 May 2007|06:50pm]
Jason Manns is such a cutie.

He updated his My Space with his thoughts regarding his Asylum gig, which you can read Here!

And apparently Jensen wasn’t going to sing.

I was just hanging out and playing some songs with friends. Speaking of which, it's kinda funny, I knew people would be waiting to see Jensen sing as well, so I spoke to him about it earlier in the week, and he just said "we'll see." which I understood totally, it's tough to just jump in front of 700 people! when he got there before the show he gave me the negative, he was super tired, still a bit jet-lagged, etc, which, again, was fine with me, he had been working all day, I only had to work for the next hour. When I started "Crazy Love" I was trying to explain why he WASN'T going to sing, but it didn't work. lol. everyone just started clapping and screaming for him, so I looked over like, "sorry about that bud." but he came up and did his thing, and sounded great. ( i know ya'll couldn't hear him that well, but he was right in my ear and he was spot on.) so it was definitely nice of him to get up for everyone, and I'm glad he did.

I can’t speak for everyone but I heard him just fine. I know Jensen’s vocals weren’t that audible on the videos that are popping up all over livejournal due to Jensen being a little microphone shy but in the room itself his voice carried fine.

And his voice is gorgeous, a little deeper and huskier than Jason’s and the way he leaned his body into the music was beyond cute :)

And speaking of Jensen, if a small portion of fandom could quit blaming him for the ‘fanfiction’ question that would be cool.

He was asked a question, he answered it. It is not his fault fandom threw a hissy fit and got its panties in a twist. That’s like blaming him for the fact that he’s in the running for an Emmy when others aren’t.

Oh, wait some people did.

Whatever, dude!

Me, I’ll be over here fangirling the fuck out of him. If you thought I made free with the pompoms before then you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Dear Jensen Ackles,

Dude, you is SHINY

Ps, squish that equally SHINY co-star of yours for me.


Have you all seen the latest pictures of Jensen?

No, why the hell not?

See, Fucking Shiny! )
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