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Party in My LJ and Everyone's Invited! [17 May 2007|04:37pm]
Supernatural for the Win!

We got a renewal!

The CW Upfronts: Sticking With Stability on Thursdays and Fridays...

Thursdays and Fridays, as predicted, aren't changing. Smallville at 8/7c and Supernatural at 9/8c. And SmackDown remains on Fridays.

The CW Source

Okay, spam me!

Seriously. Give me your favourite quote. Moment. One-Liner. Screencap. Anything.

Tell me how much you love Dean and Sam and why?


Tell me anything.

Drop by and spam me and have a Purple Nurple :)


Dear Supernatural


You is awesome...

See you next season.

Ps, take care of the boys for us until then.

Much love. Massive amounts of love.

PPs, please with gentle with us in the finale.


More love

Me xxx

Dear whoever,

If you ever wanted to delurk?

Now would be a good time.

Come on in and grab yourself a Winchester,

Love me xx
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