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Vid Post: Dean Winchester [23 May 2007|05:10pm]
Dude, this totally counts toward the 'Minimum Daily Jensen Requirement', right?

Anyway, it seems forever since I opened an editing programme so don’t expect anything too deep or meaningful.

This is nothing more than a crack effort in beating 'Windows Vista' over the head with Xvid, (seeing as it can’t run Dvix) until it finally caved. But then it seems everything caves to Dean Winchester, eventually.

Unless ‘rock, paper, scissors’ are involved then Dean totally loses out on the girl.

So yeah, I beat ‘Vista’ over the head with Dean’s lips… tongue… basically the filthy gorgeousness that is Dean :)

Title: Filthy Gorgeous (Xvid)

Fandom: Supernatural

Characters: Dean Winchester

Content: The Dean Winchester effect… so filthy gorgeous even demons can’t resist him.

Music: The Scissor Sisters

Warning: Contains spoilers for all episodes up to and including ‘AHBL Pt2’

Download: Filthy Gorgeous

ETA: For those who can't watch Xvid there's a WMV here: Filthy Gorgeous
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