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Dude, Hiatus Does Strange Things to the Mind... [28 May 2007|01:20am]
I haven’t really been in the mood the write for several weeks and I learned a long time ago that forcing the issue is frustrating and generally produces pieces that I dislike.

Mostly I only write when the images aren’t so clear.

When they’re like silhouettes dancing in and out of my mind, the dance being somewhat of a tease. The rhythm seeming the equivalent of slow murmuring sentences and rushes of chattering phrases that caress the shadows, and occasionally sway forward, closer and closer to the light, reaching out… almost--but not--quite--yet…

Yeah, that does it for me.

What doesn’t do it for me is struggling through an ear, nose and throat infection, not being able to concentrate on anything because my sinuses feel like they’re going to explode through my eye sockets while simultaneously coughing up a lung…

When suddenly out of nowhere images of a certain ‘Texas Scruff Muffin’, dressed in way too many layers of clothes starts weaving their way through the shadows like Salome doing the dance of the seven fucking veils.

Yeah, I’m probably not making much sense; I blame the sinuses that are even now trying to climb their way out through my tear ducts.

But Seriously, Dude! How Many Layers of Clothes? )

He’s like a gorgeous, sinful version of pass the parcel.


Imagine that.

Watching, waiting for the music to fade to a stop as another layer is stripped away, followed by another, each layer revealing more…

Rough cotton giving way to smooth skin…

What? I have to distract my sinuses somehow you know.

Oh and this totally counts toward the ‘Minimum Daily Jensen Requirement’, right?

ETA: It seems one 'Texas Scruff Muffin isn't enough and someone mentioned a double show, so...

Have fun. Let me know if everything is bigger in Texas... )
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