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The Whole LJ Thing [30 May 2007|05:04pm]
So if I modify my user interests or even delete then do I have to modify or even unsubscribe from certain communities?

You know, just in case they trigger a buzzword on my user info.

If I do that do I then have to modify/delete user icons?

And then worry about appearing on other users pages that may contain buzzwords which could, however inadvertently leave a trail to other users?

Because you know what?

Fuck that!

If I have do all that then this isn't my journal anymore. It belongs to whoever thinks they can dictate my interests, online activities, choose my friends, where I play and with who I play and how.

No thanks.

I left home at twelve years old for a reason, well several reasons but I never did take well to authority. I'm responsible for me and I'll decide where, when and with whom I choose to spend my free time.

So I've locked down a couple of fics and I won't be adding any new friends unless I know who they are or recognise them from fandom. That's about the extent of how far I'm willing to bend. If my journal gets deleted then so be it, I'd rather take the chance of MY journal being deleted than turn it into something it's not or masquerade as someone I'm not.


And in other news. OMg! I finished a vid I've been working on for a week or so in between coughing and sneezing. It's over seven minutes long, and is a Dean/Supernatural Season Finale vid, set to...

Dude, Barbara Streisand *grins*

Yeah! I kinda made it for me and wasn't intending to share. It's sappy and all kinds of...

Well I never claimed to not be a geek, right?

*hearts on you all*

ETA: I do have a GJ, I've had it since 2003 but have never done anything with it. It's very orange :)

I'm stir_of_echoes over there too.
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Supernatural Vid for the Season Finale [30 May 2007|08:03pm]
I’ve began work on this several days after the finale aired, mostly for myself, it was something I wasn’t going to upload because…

Uhm, well you’ll see.

But as angst with a side order of sap and a dressing of geekiness goes, I do kinda love it.


I rendered the medium quality version as WMV for those who have problems with Divx and Xvid

Saying that, I’d go for the High Quality version. I know it’s a large file but the vid is a lot longer than I usually edit. I could babble on forever as to why I made it and what the motivation was but mostly I think I’ll just go and hide now :)

Title: My Every Sweet Imagined Possibility (Divx)

Fandom: Supernatural

Characters: Dean Winchester POV

Content: Memories, Self Esteem, deals with devils and the one thing (person) you just can't live without.

Music: Papa Can You Hear Me/A Piece of Sky: Barbara Streisand

Warning: Contains spoilers for ‘WiaWSNB’ and ‘AHBL’ Pt1 and 2

Download: My Every Sweet Imagined Possibility
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