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Clears Throat... [31 May 2007|05:24pm]
Dear Fandom,

I love you.

Big time!

Individually, collectively and whole heartedly.

*points to icon*

Ps, please don't ever change!

Jules xxx

And everybody seems to be outing their Great Journals, so yeah. I have one. I snagged myself one in the great LJ crash of 2003 and never did anything with it. It's very orange.

I'm stir_of_echoes over there too.

But mostly today I just want to squish fandom!

*squishes it*

So, have you squished your fandom today?

Or someone else's fandom. Or fandom in general?

Go ahead, give it some love :)
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Show Your Fandom Some Love [31 May 2007|10:16pm]
We may not always love Livejournal, it can be cranky, prone to server and run time errors. It withholds comments, runs off with people’s posts and occasionally it disappears.

And sometimes, sometimes it fucks up big time.

But one thing we all love about Livejournal, the one thing we all agree on is that it has the best, the most amazing fandom community around.

Fandom has took a battering over the past week, there have been a lot of accusations thrown its way, which caused a lot of hurt but it didn’t back down, it remained united and strong.

It held its head high and weathered the storm.

And in way of thanks I think we should have a love meme to show fandom just how much we heart it.

Regardless of which fandom you’re from, leave a message in the comments for someone in fandom.

Ever wanted to tell someone how much you love their fandom participation?

Their fiction

Ever wanted to say thank you to your community moderators?

What about all those who work hard on the community newsletters?

Those who host ficathons, who take the time to recommend the creative efforts of others, who rally round in time of need, and those who are always there no matter what.

Fandom participation knows no bounds

Show them some love, or show a fandom some love, any fandom. Just leave a comment and spread the love.

Come back and see if someone is loving all over someone you always wanted to squish and then squish them too and then tell your friends to come do some squishing of their own. Why yes, that means you should force encourage others to stop by and show some loving too.

Spread the word. It’s all about the love people; give it to your fandom. Come on, add some names to the comments or show love to the names appearing :)
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