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Five Things Dean Winchester Will Never Eat [04 Jun 2007|02:50pm]
Yesterday I was bitching complaining about being bored, and sick and well, just bored and [info]schneestern said, okay, let’s play a game…

And she prompted me with:

Five Things Dean Winchester Will Never Eat

And I may have cheated a little because, well it’s Dean and dude, Dean Winchester and food?


Five Things Dean Winchester Will Never Eat, Again.

Why Dean Will Never Eat Strawberry Syrup with his Pancakes )

Who the Fuck Eats Raw Beef Anyway? )

Why Lucky Charms Just aren’t as Lucky as Anymore… )

Why Chocolate Ice-Cream is bad idea, possibly, maybe… )

I Hope Your Freaking Apple Pie was Worth it… )

And you should check out the prompt I gave [info]schneestern too because they’re a pocket of Winchester warmth in an otherwise weary world :)

Five Ways Dean Makes Sam Laugh
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