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Dear Mr Ackles: Well Done You! [06 Jun 2007|03:33pm]
Yes, it’s all over my flist, and I’m still posting it because of the awesomeness of a certain Mr Ackles.

Interestingly, it's Mr. Ackles who really sets off the fireworks in this A Few Good Men. He's slick and funny, but human underneath. His stage technique is nigh onto perfect – and this is a guy who's been working steadily on large and small screens for a decade.

Apparently he handled the transition from screen to stage extremely well huh?

Doesn’t it make it all the more squeeeful that apparently he started out extremely nervous in his professional stage debut and then went on to knock ‘em dead.

Bless his cotton socks acting ability navy whites :)

I feel the need for a picspam… )

And because no picspam is complete without a little Scruff Muffin…

Scruff Muffin of Scruff Muffinness… )

*ruffles his hair*
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