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Fictional Silliness and Where I Draw the Line :/ [22 Jun 2007|01:52pm]

You know I’ve posted several of these pics before and I’ve never noticed just how swollen Jared’s knuckles are. Eh, I guess I’m always too blinded by the cuteness but… now I kinda wonder what the other guy looked like:

And here I adhere to the disclaimer that none of this actually happened… )

And speaking of J2 Jared and Jensen and disclaimers…

I’ve been replying to feedback for various things, and there is are a couple of comments which I’ve been meaning to answer for a long time and haven’t because I’ve been trying to think of something to say. It’s a comment that has left me stumped for some time as to how to respond.

Because we all know that RPS isn’t real, right?

Truthfully, I’m not so much stumped as uncomfortable responding to a comment when the person leaving the comment obviously thinks it is. Or rather believes/wants to believe that a relationship outside of fiction is real and does exist. Its one thing to be sucked into a piece of fiction, there are definitely works of RPS out there that are so real as to be convincing, so emotionally compelling that we temporarily lose our awareness of its fictional status. But seriously, we are still aware that that’s all it is. A piece of fiction that is so well written it evokes the idea that the relationship and events surrounding it may actually exist. But that belief only exists within the realm of the story and for the duration of the story.

But sometimes that’s not always the case because a lot of what we see in fiction, I think, also relies on reader interpretation.

And yeah, it’s fun to joke about amongst each other within comments, to stretch the boundaries. I know I do and have done that, often and it doesn’t make me uncomfortable because on the whole I think it’s easy to determine that that’s exactly what most people are doing. Stretching the boundaries and playing within a fictional realm, knowing it to be fictional and with a clear understanding of where the line between truth and fiction is drawn.

I think it’s also just as easy to determine when someone doesn’t have a clear understanding of where the line is drawn, or chooses not to because it doesn’t quite fit the reality they’ve created. I know that sounds harsh but I’m sure I’m not the only person who has backed away from a comment or a thread because they’ve felt a little uncomfortable with the content or comments appearing to impart the existence of a relationship between--okay, I’ll bite the bullet…

Appearing to impart a belief in the existence of a relationship between Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, represented beyond its fictional representation. )

So yeah, whatever. My FICTIONAL J2 are all about the naked sex love.

The real Jared and Jensen can shag whoever they please because quite frankly it isn’t any of my damn business :)
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