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Sometimes Size Does Matter [05 Aug 2007|01:01pm]
I finally finished an angsty episodic vid to 'AHBL' part one and even making a little sacrifice for quality the Hi Res version still rendered at 96MB.


I guess that'll teach me to choose a song which is 4.30 mins in length :/

I could maybe, possibly, if I try not to think too much about it make further quality sacrifices...

*tries not to think too much about that*

But... but... it contains cute scenes of Sammy smiling and being all adorable and smiling with Dean and all kinds of precious memories from happier times and...

No. It's no good. I can't do it.

*clutches vid to chest*

Oh, well... maybe it's for the best seeing as how it all ends badly anyway :(

ETA: Uh, I compromised. Now I have a Xvid version at 96MB and a Divx version at 48MB which I'm not entirely happy with so I think I'll tinker with it a little more :/
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Because I Have No Plans to Leave LJ as Yet... [05 Aug 2007|07:43pm]
Everyone seems to be posting information for their back up journals. I have made back up journals previously. I created a back up GJ during the great LJ blackout of 2003, which can be found here:


I also created an IJ during the strikethrough of 2007, which can be found here:


That being said recent events have yet to give me cause to actually leave LJ so for the time being I’m staying put.

They have however given me cause to get off my arse and code my Spn fic to Come Undone. I haven’t any fic related to underage characters unless you count the first chapter of Four Years and a Photograph of You, which makes reference to a fifteen year old Sam struggling with his emotions and experiencing confusion toward his feelings for Dean.

I’m taking precautions due to the soon to be released ‘report abuse’ ‘illegal content’ ‘illegal activity’ button and LJ’s previous warning regarding not tolerating content relating to incest on their servers.

So I’m in the process of moving my Sam/Dean fiction and hosting it over at my website, where if I hadn’t have been such an avoidant when it comes to coding it would have been anyway :)

From now on all my SPN character-based fiction can he found, and will be hosted Here, where I can link to it from LJ.

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